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Our Members Work Safely:

Employers are responsible for providing their workers with training on specific occupational hazards, as required by OSHA. Every year the Metro DC Hispanic Association provides OSHA 30-Hour Trainings to our members, their supervisors and workers to reduce the risk of workplace hazards and create a safer workplace. This OSHA-authorized safety training is 100% in Spanish and includes prevention of possible worksite hazards, understanding workers' rights, employer responsibilities, the process for filing a complaint, and more.
The course is divided into sections, each section takes 5 hours to be completed. We can arrange the classes during weekdays (2 days per week during 3 weeks) or weekdays and Saturdays (1 weekday and 1 Saturday per week during 3 weeks) to better accommodate our students. Also, we offer group classes for companies that need to train many workers and supervisors.
The 30-hour OSHA training courses primarily include the general industry and construction courses. The construction course applies to workers in new construction, major renovation, and demolition.
What can you expect from an OSHA-30 Training:
Updated information on the latest changes in OSHA regulations and standards
How to assess organization’s level of compliance
Identification of safety-audit tools to significantly reduce — or possibly eliminate — the number of accidents and injuries in the workplace.
Information to comply with OSHA’s record-keeping standards
How to act and respond to an OSHA inspection or audit
Upon successful completion of this course, students will receive your 30-hour general industry training card from OSHA. The benefits of this class outweigh its cost, since students will prevent and possibly eliminate risks situations and will be prepared in case of an accident, which are way more expensive.
Contact us if you are interested in the OSHA 30-Hour Program of 2020:
Jose Sueiro    Edith Yañez
202-203-0120      571-332-0083
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OSHA 10 Hours for Construction - Spanish Course

For the first time in its long and fabled history, the Carlos Rosario International Charter School (CRICS) is presenting a series of workshops, seminars and trainings related to construction. In collaboration with DC Metro Hispanic Contractors Association (MDCHCA), Turner Construction and the Latino Safety Professionals Association (LSP), DC's nationally acclaimed Adult Education Center with a large minority and Hispanic student population has agreed to host the following programs:

Members Hall