"The Construction Village" Featured at the 2018 Business Expo

Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
    Our goal is to present an exhibit featuring 10 of the most important & diverse construction and construction related firms in the region chosen from the network of Metro DC Hispanic Contractors Association and provide them with a showcase at the GWHCC 2018 Business Expo on March 16, 2018 in order to highlight the vibrancy and dynamism of the local Latino construction community. 
    We want to provide an exciting space where Expo attendees can view the achievements and progress of local Hispanic owned firms in the industry. Visitors will also hear from experts in the construction field explain what it takes to create and maintain a construction business in the local market.

    Biz Expo attendees will receive information on innovative trends, projects, bid requirements, safety, banking, bonding and insurances as well as testimonials from successful business owners in the field. An agenda of topics is under development and will be presented formally before the event.
    A local architect is designing the exhibition space and various general contractors will create an environment that will invite Expo goers to explore the changing face of construction in the area and the rise of Latino businesses in this sector. The design of the exhibit will emphasize the strengths of Hispanics in construction; solid performances, attention to detail and on-time, on budget delivery of services, transparency and ethics in their operations and ambitious and aggressive efforts to build their companies and advance their portfolios.
    Various industry leaders will offer their time to meet with visitors and share their knowledge of the industry and provide testimonials as to the impressive array of construction businesses and the results of working with our companies.
    Exhibit space at the village is limited. The cost for participating in this innovative new format is $2,000. Each exhibitor will be encouraged to decorate their designated space with banners, free standing banners, information materials, hand outs and special presentations.

Information and further details; ??? at GWHCC, Jose Sueiro MDCHCA 202-203-0120 Read  Read More>


Notes on Contracting Roundtable Discussion

Contracting Roundtable Discussion | Thursday, February 15, 2018  | PNC Place boardroom, 8:30 am

Project Owners:

DC Government, Greer Gillis, Jiyoung Park DGS, Kristi Whitfield, Jenny Cruz DSLBD. Charlie Partridge PEPCO, Crystal Canja WMAA, Stephen Courtien CHOICE

General Contractors:

Wes Stith Clark Construction, Adam Grunley, Greg McHugh Grunley Construction, Carolyn Ellison Turner Construction, Chris Kern, Evelyn Ross, Shannon Johnson-El Fort Myer Construction, Sonia Torres Gilbane Construction, Andrew Gillis Whiting TurnerConstruction.


Invitation to follow up, 3/16/18 @ Convention Center, 3 pm

 Invitation to follow up, 3/16/18 @ Convention Center, 3 pm

            On Friday, March 16th as part of the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Business Expo we will celebrate an invitation-only session with a total of 24-36 bonafide small businesses in the local construction industry. These companies will be vetted to make sure we are including the highest possible quality of local contractors focused on doing business in the commercial construction contracting sector.


Synopsis of the notes from our breakfast session 2/15/18 @ PNC Plac

Thursday, February 15, 2018 | PNC Place boardroom, 8:30 am

          On behalf of our 3 organizations let me thank all of you for taking time out from very busy schedules to attend our breakfast Thursday, February 15 for what we think was a fairly extensive and forthright discussion. We appreciate everyone's honesty and good faith. It is heartening to realize there is so much interest in the economic well being of our region and the small businesses that power the construction industry.


#IBS Orlando 2018 by NAHB

            This year for the first time ever, leadership from Metro DC Hispanic Contractors Association (MDCHCA) was invited to attend the International Builder's Show (#IBS) celebrated and sponsored by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) from January 9th to 11th, 2018. One of the largest, most important construction related events in the country, it was filled with over 1 million square feet of exhibition space throughout various convention halls in Orlando, Florida. Attendance was somewhere in the range of 100,000 participants. The guest keynote speaker was the ebullient and always funny ex- Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, Terry Bradshaw.


Members Hall

members board 2018