Hispanic Construction Contractors Unequivocally Support Black Lives Matter Featured

Hispanic Construction Contractors Unequivocally Support Black Lives Matter

    In view of the current situation nationally and in the District and the solidarity our Hispanic owned construction firms feel toward our African American brothers and sisters, Metro DC Hispanic Contractors Association, unequivocally and without reservation, extends their support and encouragement for the Black Lives Matter movement and the African American community both locally and nationally.

    We understand and are daily witnesses to the obstacles and prejudices suffered by African Americans in our industry and our society. We stand in support and proudly collaborate in the unity of black and brown entrepreneurs and workers in the construction industry. We call for equal opportunity, police reform and equitable procurement processes along with access and transparency in the industry.

    We demand a greater say in the allocation of construction projects, reinforcement of first source and local content rules, greater representation in the corporate board rooms and at the decision making conference tables where resources are distributed.

    We demand greater opportunities for minority owned firms and a stronger, more sustainable commitment by local governments to allow our companies a greater number opportunities as well as     larger and more complex projects and tasks. We insist on better skills training, incubator services and job placement programs so that our construction industry is more DC based and our economy more circular and reinforcing.

    We strongly reject attempts to equate this struggle with other historic movements or create false equivalents for politicians to further their own personal agendas or sectarian interests. WE ARE ALL ONE and comparing, or playing off one group against another is abhorrent to us. We look forward to DC City Council action and commitment to these principles and a complete and thorough discussion of these matters with our Mayor and city officials.

    Information and details regarding our purposes & programs visit or contact Jose Sueiro, Managing Director, 202-203-0120

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