Synopsis of the notes from our breakfast session 2/15/18 @ PNC Plac

Synopsis of the notes from our breakfast session 2/15/18 @ PNC Plac

Thursday, February 15, 2018 | PNC Place boardroom, 8:30 am

          On behalf of our 3 organizations let me thank all of you for taking time out from very busy schedules to attend our breakfast Thursday, February 15 for what we think was a fairly extensive and forthright discussion. We appreciate everyone's honesty and good faith. It is heartening to realize there is so much interest in the economic well being of our region and the small businesses that power the construction industry.

            Together with this cover document you should receive attached notes from the meeting. Please read them and feel free to use them, correct mistakes or add omitted commentaries from the meeting you believe are important to register. This is a living document and we will use it as the basis for our follow up encounter.

            We also want to thank all of you for working toward a more qualified small business community and a better trained workforce. Here is how we described the session in our notes:

            "This event gathered various parties -Construction Project Owners, General Contractors, Workforce Training Programs and Sub-Contractors- involved in commercial contracting in the construction industry of Washington DC and environs. It was brought together to discuss how to better fulfill first source and local content requirements in the industry and recommendations on how to better qualify Certified Business Enterprises (CBE's) and other small construction sub-contractors in the process of bidding and obtaining commercial construction contracts. The discussion also included topics related to workforce development and trade skills training."

            We hope these notes are a true expression of what was discussed and that they are useful for the work all of you do. Thanks again for helping us increase opportunities for our businesses!


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