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1. Latino leader loses father to COVID-19
2. Construction success stories from members
       A. Navarro Construction
       B. Dynamite Demolition
       C. JAP Construction
3. Rece nt Bids from Gilbane, Grunley & FH Paschen
1. Latino leader loses father to COVID-19
National Latino Business Leader loses father to COVID-19
Our heart goes out to Cid Wilson, CEO of the Hispanic Association of Corporate Responsibility (HACR) and a national Latino business leader, who just lost his father, Dr. James Albert Wilson, 'El Profe' to the COVID-19 virus. Dr. Wilson was a legend in the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City having opened one of the first medical practices by a Dominican medical doctor in the 1960's.
As leader of HACR, Cid has successfully worked to open up the corporate world in various different industrial sectors to our community, increasing the number of Latino leaders at these companies and pushing large corporations to invest in our communities. We have begun a conversation with Mr. Wilson to see if he can help us apply these same principles to the construction community of large builders.
2. Construction success stories from members
A. Navarro Construction
Beginning with this newsletter we will be bringing you news of projects our members have had a significant hand in completing so all of you can see the work being done by Hispanic Contractor Association membership. 
The first example is a mansion at 310 Park Road in Alexandria built by Navarro Construction. Ricardo Navarro, owner and CEO of Navarro Construction, is also a Board member of MDCHCA. Navarro's niche is high end residential, historic preservation and work with stone and specialized materials in the Alexandria and Northern Va. market. You can view the listing for this mansion here:
B. Dynamite Demolition
is among our newest members. Ana Villatoro and her husband, as you can see here from her quote, just started and is a very small company. She approached us and we told her given the scale of her company it was difficult to help. Nevertheless, Ana is determined to be successful and has taken much of our advice and aggressively grown her company over the past few months. Very proud of them and wish them luck.
"We wanted to share that our goal for our first year was to reach a revenue of $80,000 and we have exceeded that goal and reached $129,000 and more to go. We completed a 2 floor job of 16,000 SF each. With that accomplishment we have also added to our company by purchasing our first of many dump trucks to continue doing business."
Here are photos of the job she describes.
C. JAP Construction
One of most active and successful contractors is JAP Construction, owned by Jesus Anton Perez. Based in Adams Morgan and a functioning CBE, JAP has doubled its gross receipts over the past 3 years and is taking on bigger and more complex projects. Seen here in these photos is a building of 8 condominiums built from the ground up they just completed. As with a great many of our companies, JAP continues to work during these trying times with all of the concurrent precautions necessary. With various projects still open we wish them health and safety throughout! 
3. Recent Bids from Gilbane, Grunley & FH Paschen
Updates on Outstanding BIDS for Sub-contracting work
We repeat here the 3 project Bids we have been promoting in our newsletter over the past few weeks. They may still be open, but if they are not it would be in everyone's interest to contact the folks responsible to see if there is any work for your company. We'd like to thank our partners; Gilbane Construction, Grunley Construction and FH Paschen Construction for their sponsorship and patronage. We are deeply appreciative of their support. Here are the 3 projects for you to follow up with: 
Catholic University Project:
Jéssica Elias | Project Engineer ll
Gilbane Building Company | Mid-Atlantic Division
O: (202)615-9136 P: (443) 852-3216
Grunley Construction
Small Business Outreach | U.S. Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity
[email protected] or 240.399.0409
FH Paschen
Southwest Airlines at BWI

General Manager | Mid Atlantic Region
Main 773.444.3474 | Direct 850.375.0672 | Fax 773.444.5111
[email protected] |
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