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Dear Members and Friends:
We urge all of our members and network partners tune in this Wednesday, May 6th at 11:45 am for a webinar presented -locally and nationally- by Jack Callahan from our member, the accounting firm of  Cohn Reznick, in conjunction with the National Hispanic Construction Association.
Check out the agenda and register for this one hour webinar. It is free an easy to register and will be sharing valuable information on what's coming next and how to survive this intensely critical period. There will be a Q&A session accompanying this presentation.
Jose Sueiro
Managing Director
Metro DC Hispanic Contractors Assoc.
a. Shinberg Levinas
We'd like to welcome back the architectural firm of Shinberg Levinas. One of our premiere, founding members and perhaps the most prominent architectural firm in the Latino community. View here and on our website some of the beautiful images they are sharing with the community and go to their site to witness some of the remarkable work they do in the metropolitan area. We would like to thank Salo Levinas for his ongoing support and the wealth and richness of his vision and ideas.
b. BNG Consulting
A message from Cely Argueta, principal at BNG Consulting;
"Wanted to let you know we are interested in reconnecting with DC Hispanic Contractors. I will be having a lot more presence in DC and looking to help support your mission. 
I know with this current situation is challenging for all of us, but would like to renew our membership. 
Once you get back with programming, I'll be happy to share programs with our network and encourage contractors to sign up to become members. 
Take care and look forward to keeping the Latino/Minority contractor agenda moving forward."
b. AC Metals LLC
Very happy to welcome Luis Roberto Arguello and the excellent company he represents to the family of MDCHCA construction firms. With ample experience of close to two decades in the field, Mr. Arguello has put together a remarkable metal works contractor company. You can see some of his work here. We hope to be working with AC Metal LLC for a long time and wish him a successful and prosperous future.
Here at Metro DC Hispanic Contractors Association we are dedicated at this time, first to seeking out opportunities for our members and network to work on upcoming jobs and projects. That is our first priority.
We are also working with the National Hispanic Construction Association on advocacy programs for our associations across the country and for our local chapters. Jobs and advocacy are our main concerns right now. We hope to go back to our training programs and networking events once the environment allows.
At this time we are working specifically with 2 organizations to open up opportunities. We would like to thank FH Paschen for the bids they have shared with us. They have work, new work and are looking for sub-contractors. If you are intersted in working with FH Paschen, please phone or contact me: Jose Sueiro, [email protected] and we will put you in touch with them.
We are also working with PEPCO to identify contractors who fulfill the requirements and have the capacity to work with them. As you all probably know, the work with PEPCO is much more directly infrastructure related. If you have a trade related company, one that does work in mechanical, engineering, electric or plumbing and piping, concrete, metal works or commercial cleaning contact me: Jose Sueiro, [email protected] and we will vet your company for future communication and possibly opportunities with PEPCO.
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