DCHCA; Building Equity, Access & Skills, One Business at a Time

DCHCA; Building Equity, Access & Skills, One Business at a Time

Metro DC Hispanic Contractors Association (MDCHCA) is the little engine that could. We repair the imbalance between who builds our region and who controls the construction industry. We make sure our businesses get the opportunities and recognition they deserve.

We open up commercial and residential construction bids, offers and contracts to the hard working, talented and dynamic minority, Hispanic and immigrant owned small businesses who make up the construction sector and actually build on the ground. We make sure highly qualified individuals participate and function well at the highest levels in the construction field.

MDCHCA has a record of accomplishment and a history of working with project owners and builders large and small to assure equity, transparency and diversity in construction, assuring quality, access and high ethical and safety standards. We focus on providing financial opportunities and spreading those opportunities among more local businesses and more working class individuals in the field.

A not-for-profit membership organization, it was created to support the advancement of the Hispanic Construction Community by facilitating the tools and information to ensure the success among minority, Hispanic & immigrant owned construction businesses in the Washington DC region. MDCHCA presents constructive membership benefits in the areas of training, consulting, business procurement, and advocacy to its membership: general contractors, developers, builders, subcontractors, construction workers, manufacturers, vendors, and related corporations. Additionally, MDCHCA facilitates procurement opportunities for minority contracts through dissemination of information about actual and upcoming construction projects for members to participate in the bidding process. MDCHCA also makes possible contact referral, matching services and the following networking events to ensure business and procurement opportunities for example through opportunities such as Membership Meetings / Networking Breakfasts / Annual Construction Safety Fair / Fundraisers / Awards Ceremonies / Workshops, Seminars & Special Events.

Managed and run by its Board of Directors and associated members, MDCHCA uses its influence and leverage to impact the industry far beyond the modesty of its staff and funding. We have 33 corporate partners and work with a dozen of the largest General Contractors in the nation and the world.

MDCHCA works closely with private, public, government, and other nonprofit organizations in order to identify business opportunities and promote the inclusion of Minority, Hispanic & Immigrant entrepreneurs. We advocate for a safe work environment through our OSHA 30 Training Courses led by construction industry experts. In addition, MDCHCA works in partnership with the National Hispanic Construction Association (NHCA) as well as all participating local chapters across the country and other construction trade related organizations to help address state and federal construction related laws and issues at the pertinent government leverage.

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